It is snow in Moscow,It's snowing.大哥大姐

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It is snow in Moscow,It's snowing.大哥大姐
It is snow in Moscow,It's snowing.

It is snow in Moscow,It's snowing.大哥大姐
It is snowing in Moscow.

应该是:It snows in Moscow,it's snowing

It is snow in Moscow,It's snowing.大哥大姐 It's [ ][snow] in Moscow and it's very cold. -----it------(snow) in Moscow now?what ------ the people -------(do)in the picture-----it------(snow) in Moscow now?what ------ the people -------(do)in the picture It is ____(snow) in Moscow in winter. It's ____(下雨)hard,so we have to stay at home. 什么时候加y,什么时候用ing? It often ( ) in Moscow and now it's ( ).A.snowing;snow B.snows;snowing C.snowy;snow D.snowy;snowing 1.what ( ) weather it is today!A.a bad B.bad C.a fine D.the good2.the weather in beijing is different from( ) in shanghai of guangzhou C.that in wuhan D.that of dalian3.there( )snow in Moscow( )cold much,on B.are many,on C.has man 同义句:It often snows in Moscow _______ winter it is very cold ________ Moscow.A.In;atB.On;inC.In;inD.In;on Look!It is ( ) (snow) because it is hard packed with snow in the winter Its very _____(rain) today in Moscow. Fill in the blanks with the suitable wordsDialogue 1.Ask and answer.A:What's the weather like in Moscow in winter?B1:___________________________(cold)B2:___________________________(snow)Dialogue 2.Put the following into English.A:This is Nancy speaki Today is cold .and it is_____(rain)now. It often____(snow)in winter in Beijing.It is often____(snow) in winter in beijing.火速啊! It never ----------(snow)in Singapore 请问It is“ ”in Harbin,and there is“ ”in the mountain.(snow).“ ”内怎么填? 1.(D)The woman___a white coat is his mother.A.with B.for C.on D.in2.(C)What he said___true.A.was B.are D.were3.(C)Was it warm in Moscow?Yes,he said that___A.they will stop in Moscow on the way.B.they stopped at Moscow on their way.C.they stopped –How is the weather in Harbin?--It’s _________.A.snow B.snowing C.snows snow there is much snow here in winter.同意句 it ()()()here in winter.