it's always been you(It has always been

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it's always been you(It has always been
it's always been you(It has always been

it's always been you(It has always been
例如有一首歌曲就叫It's always been You歌词如下
It's always been You from the day that I saw You
[00:07.33]From a heart that was broken I was changed into something brand new
[00:12.79]Like a butterfly learning how to use my wings to fly like the wind
[00:19.34]Gotta make it home again
[00:24.83]It's always been You seeing deeper than the surface with a smile
[00:30.27]You demolish all my walls You can always break through
[00:34.85]to the heart of the matter no matter what I try to do
[00:39.70]When I hide from the sun You come and change my point of view
[02:14.57][01:56.18][01:26.55][00:47.67]I'm sorry for the things I've done
[02:18.36][01:59.98][01:30.36][00:51.38]When You ran to me I turned to run
[02:22.01][01:33.88][00:55.16]But You were waiting when I came undone
[02:25.92][01:37.45][00:58.84]And needed me someone to hold onto
[01:03.56]It's always been You in the heat of the moment
[01:08.19]When the pain was so real and the scars on my heart were still wounds
[01:13.70]I gotta stop hiding from the one thing that's left to do
[01:21.68]I know what I gotta do
[01:42.68]I wake up I wake up to the morning light to the morning light
[01:50.49]I wake up I wake up cause You shine so bright
[02:06.38]Yeah,You were waiting
[02:10.77]You were waiting
[02:30.53]It's always been You

第一个句子意思是 :“一直都是你呀”第二个句子语法不对 been 和you之间要加个介词