they,my ,very cat like much(.) 连词成句 各位衰哥、、霉女帮帮小妹我吧

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they,my ,very cat like much(.) 连词成句 各位衰哥、、霉女帮帮小妹我吧
they,my ,very cat like much(.) 连词成句 各位衰哥、、霉女帮帮小妹我吧

they,my ,very cat like much(.) 连词成句 各位衰哥、、霉女帮帮小妹我吧
They like my cat very much.

They like my cat very much .
主语(they) +谓语(即动词 like ) + 宾语(my cat ) +其他修饰语

they,my ,very cat like much(.) 连词成句 各位衰哥、、霉女帮帮小妹我吧 They likes running.The cat like fish.My sister sThey likes running.The cat like fish.My sister studys very hand.You and I am good friend.ben and peter is good friends.怎么改错 表示一个数是另一个数的白分之几的数,叫做 -----连词成句they,my,very,cat,like,much 介词I look ( )my cat very well 给这篇文章打分.以“My Uncle's Family”为题写一段话,要求语义通顺,情境适当.文章:My Uncle's FamilyMy name is Li Mingwei.This is my uncle's family.Look,they are my uncle and aunt,they look very young.They like swimming very 【英语】急!用括号内所给词以适当的形式填空!1、These flowers are very beautiful ,so I like ______(they) very much.2、Miss Li often looks after______(she)brother3、look at that lovely cat.Do you know ____(it)name?4、lily is ____( 用he she we they it you 填空The man is very tall.( ) is a policeman.The girl is very smart.( ) is a student.Our names are Li pin and Wang Lin.( )are French.Those women are busy.( ) are doctors.The cat is black.( ) is Tom's.Look at the dogs.( ) are The cat become very Lily and Liza_____a cat .They like it very much.到底是用have还是has呢? 英语改错 lily and liz has a cat .they like it very much 补英语单词Lin Tao:Excuse me,Gao Shan.() is this yellow cat?is it yours?let me ().oh,no,it's not().()cat is lei,look ()the cat under my it ()?(),it's not().my cat's black and it's at home.i thank it () like li ming 's.whose?li mi 1 It's very kind ( ) you ( ) help us.A.of,of B.of,with C.of,to,of 2 ---Sorry,I don't know the time.I have no watch.--( )A.Thanks you a lot B.Thanks C.Thamk you very much D.Thank you all the same3 Li Lei help me( )my cat A.find B.find C.find to D 英语翻译I feel very excited at the thought that in another week I'II be with you again on holiday.I enjoy my stay in England very mubh indeed.My host and my fellow students are all very nice to me,but as they say in England,“there's no place li my friend Li Xiao knows my hometomn very well because he__there many times with me. Miss Li is our English teacher.We all like her l______ because they are very f________. 根据对话情景,补全所缺的单词LI TAO:Excuse me,Gao Shan.____ is this yellow cat Is it yours?Gao Shan:Let me____.Oh,no,it's not____.____cat is browen.Lin Tao:Li lLei,look____the cat under my desk.Is it____?Li Lei:____,it's not____.My cat's b Look __the picture.It is a picture__ my classroom.In the picture there__a bird.__name is Polly.It is lovely.So I buy a bird like this it very __.I also have a cat.They are in the same room .I must look___them carefully.Because the cat wants to____the Where is my cat